Rehabilitation and Return to Work

Hand Therapy

The HANDOC surgeons will see patients regularly throughout their treatment. In addition to this, our patients will be referred to experienced occupational therapists who have expertise in hand therapy.¬† One such group who we refer to is Specialised Hand Therapy Services. They are a well regarded hand therapy rehabilitation provider with 8 clinics around Western Australia, making for easy and convenient patient access.  ¬†Based on patient location we do refer to other hand therapy providers and can also make referrals based on referring doctor, employer and employee preferences.

Hand therapy includes the use of prescribed exercises and treatment techniques, including

Such exercises and techniques are used during the recovery phase and are adapted according to recovery rate, any arising complications and healing phase post-injury or surgery. With 8 locations, patients are able to select the most local branch to them for treatment so as to further reduce travelling time and time away from work.

The team at HANDOC liaises closely with several established vocational rehabilitation providers in WA and are able to assist with advice on suitable duties or, where necessary, direct retraining or redeployment.

The treating surgeon will provide a return to work date, which in many cases can be as soon as the following day. Depending on the injury and treatment, the patient may be returned to work under certain conditions, such as light or restricted duties. If so, the surgeon will provide guidance on this for the patient’s employer.

Where necessary, HANDOC is able to refer patients to an occupational physician to provide timely permanent impairment assessments on injured workers once they have reached maximal medical improvement.