Why 1300HANDOC

The Hand Injury Management Experts

HANDOC was established in 2008 in response to the increasing number of hand injuries in Western Australia.

HANDOC incorporates the largest group of specialist hand surgeons in Western Australia. Our doctors are all Specialist Plastic Surgeons who hold consultant positions in Western Australia’s major hospitals and offer a complete surgery solution for workplace upper limb injuries.

One telephone number offers total care when it comes to hand injuries. 1300HANDOC puts an individual directly through to a specialist hand surgeon or nurse, where they or their medical provider can discuss the best course of action for a specific injury.

HANDOC can also arrange immediate transportation in the Perth metropolitan area to a private hospital where injury appropriate management can be implemented immediately. As a result, patients are managed by a hand surgery specialist immediately rather than facing potential delays in an emergency department.

HANDOC surgeons are supported by an in-house team of nurses and provide patients with access to independent hand therapists and occupational physicians. HANDOC’s focus is on reducing lost time injuries and returning patients back to work as soon as medically feasible.

HANDOC prides itself on providing prompt and comprehensive communication to everyone affected by a hand injury. This includes not only the patient, but also the employer, the insurance agency and the referring medical practitioner. We believe that good communication helps reduce the impact of hand and wrist injuries on everyone concerned.

HANDOC is a completely independent service.  We have established relationships with hand therapy and occupational physicians to whom we refer patients for rehabilitation and assessment, however we have no ownership or commercial interests in these parties.  Our principal focus is providing hand injury triage advice and specialist hand surgery.  We have established protocols that allow referrers, employers and insurers to indicate their provider preferences for managing post-operative rehabilitation, return to work programs and final impairment assessment for patients.