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What is Hand Therapy?

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Hand therapy is a critical component to rehabilitation of the upper limb either post-operatively or for injuries that don’t require surgery.    The focus of hand therapy is to promote recovery, maximise improvements and meet specific goals following injury including returning to work related tasks, daily living and sporting activities.

Common conditions requiring hand therapy include:

Treatment often begins within a few days following injury or surgery.  It may be important to attend therapy on the same-day of referral post-operatively to commence mobilisation or fit a protective splint or orthosis. 


Hand Therapy Treatments

Hand Injuries Perth

Hand therapy treatments include:


Specialised Hand Therapy Services

Specialised Hand Therapy Services (SpHT) is a leading hand therapy practice that has been operating for more than 20 years and has 10 sites across the Perth metropolitan area (West Perth, Subiaco, Midland, Joondalup, Murdoch, Armadale and Rockingham) and south west (Bunbury, Busselton and Albany).  SpHT employs approximately 25 fully accredited occupational therapists who have expertise in hand therapy and rehabilitation of the hand and upper limb. Some HANDOC surgeons are owners of SpHT and in the event that you are referred for hand therapy at SpHT, then your care is not conditional on accepting treatment with SpHT and an alternative provider can be requested. Please let your surgeon or nurse know if you would like referral to another provider.

For more information on SpHT, visit www.specialisedhandtherapy.com.au